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Online Assessment Portal for students



Online test portal helps Class VI-XII students and competitive exams aspirants (IIT-JEE, NEET, CA-CPT and Bank PO) in attempting multiple question papers without having to make elaborate arrangements. The exams can be taken anywhere and anytime. All you need is a personal computer with an Internet connection.


It helps students customise the school test according to their requirements. The online test portal allows students to select the topic of their choice and create their own test. There is also vast question bank for competitive exams. Simplify every step from conducting exams to the evaluation process.


It is better to fail during practice than in the main exam. It has been proven scientifically that taking practice tests often help students to retain the knowledge for the actual exam, which boosts confidence and improves results.


Each test will generate a detailed report which clearly identifies the weak and strong areas in every subject. Depending on your results, you can figure out how to organise your preparation and also save lots of time.


All the questions in the assessment test portal are mapped with the skills. The detailed report that is generated will guide the students for their progress and areas of improvement. It is easy to customise according to individual needs.


Sometimes hard work does not bring the desired results. The generated test report will give the detailed analysis of all the weak and strong areas, so that students can put the required time and efforts to make their preparations up to the mark.

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