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Online test portal help students to prepare for various exams and interviews with the aim to provide maximum benefits to the students in terms of preparation. These tests help students to identify their strengths and weaknesses in a topic, thus help them improve in that area.

Unit Tests

Unit tests are designed to create a perfect assessment for students. The unit test/assessment feature a series of questions which will be displayed at random from a bank of questions. With every new attempt, a new test get generated having different set of questions.

Term Tests

Term tests are used to evaluate student learning and academic achievement by the end of the particular academic period/semester. Term tests are used to determine whether the students have learned what they are expected to learn. It allows students to select chapters of their choice and create their own test.

Take a Mock test

Anytime Anywhere

Online test portal helps in creating multiple set question papers for every subject with less time and effort. Exams can be conducted anywhere and anytime, all you need is a personal computer with an Internet connection.

Create your Test

It helps students create test according to their requirements. The online test portal allows students to select the topic of their choice and create their own test. Simplify every step from conducting exams to the evaluation process.

Better Results

It is better to fail during practice than to fail in the main exam. This is scientifically proven that taking more practice test help students to retain the knowledge for main exam, thus boost confidence and improve results.

Detailed Report

It will generate a detailed report after every test which clearly identifies the weak and strong areas in every subject. Depending on your results, you can figure out how to go with the preparation and also save lots of time.

Measure Skills

All the questions in the assessment test portal are mapped with the skills. The generated detailed report will guide the students for their progress and areas of improvement. It is easy to customize according to individual needs.


Sometimes hard work does not bring the desired results. The generated test report will give the detailed analysis of all the weak and strong areas, so that students can put the required time and efforts to make their preparations up to the mark.

Growth Chart across classes

This advanced software gives you an edge over others and keeps the previous record, based on the classes, subjects, etc. It gives a path in terms of skills which further can be used to take career decisions and further studies.

No Cost

It is an economical way to improve the student academic performance. Not only it saves time, but also saves money. It is much cheaper and easier than taking up an offline test. The cost of paper and distribution expenses are all eliminated or reduced.

Preparing For Exams Was Never So Easy

Preparing for an exam? Well, it's always better to take up an online mock test to analyze your preparation level. Online tests are now available for almost all kinds of exams and give a clear picture of how it is going to be, giving you an idea about how to manage your time. Since it is evaluated by an online examination system, it assures a high level of transparency. They are highly interactive, trustworthy, secure, customizable and can be accessed in multiple devices. The online examination system helps to completely automate the old manual procedure of conducting exams which seek to efficiently evaluate the exam thoroughly through a fully automated system that not only saves time but also give fast results. It's quite simple, easy to access and evaluate oneself.

It covers NCERT, CBSE, ICSE and other state boards.

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