4 Common mistakes to avoid in board examinations

Irrespective of whether you are in the 10th or 12th standard, the period just before the board examination is a time when you are at the final leg of your preparation. What you must know is that preparation alone won’t help you secure full marks in the examination.
Dedication and hard work are pre-requisites for doing well in any examination. But, on the other hand, attempting the paper with confidence without making mistakes is equally necessary. Many a time students put in their best efforts but are not able to score because of the silly mistakes that they make in the examination.

In order to get the desired results, here is a list of mistakes that you should avoid if your board examinations are near:

1. Not knowing when to stop attempting

Students should keep in mind that the exam does not give marks purely for the number of questions attempted. At the time of giving the exam, what many students do is to spend a lot of time on the difficult questions and compromise the time that they could have spent on attempting the questions they know.
You can follow this approach – Try a question once and if you are not able to attempt it, you can shift on to another question without wasting time. The questions that you know will definitely fetch you marks, and you can always come back to the difficult questions.

2. Trying to write unnecessary lengthy answers

A lot of times students tend to write unnecessarily long answers in a bid to fetch more marks. But, it will not give you more marks, and only eat away your time. A student is suggested to write down the exact answer so that you can save up on time.

3. Not writing down the correct data

While taking the board exams, students seem to rush and end up copying data incorrectly on their answer sheets. And because the data will not be correct, the student will end up with a wrong calculation in the end and all the time that went in doing this also goes to vain. So, it is advised to jot down the correct details carefully onto your answer sheets from your question paper.

4. Taking a lot of breaks

Sometimes the students end up taking a lot of breaks because of a lot of stress and the energy that goes into writing the exam. A break of 3 minutes will work great in making you regain your energy and start writing again. But breaks longer than that will only eat away precious time.

Taking care of these mistakes in the board exam is sure to maximise your score. Apart from this, make sure you practice CBSE online test for class 12 or CBSE online test for class 10 in your preparation for the board exams. Practicing online tests not only tell you your weak areas but also help you manage time at the time of examination. After giving online tests, you would also see a drastic change in your exam preparation.