5 Tips for your IBPS PO Preparation Strategy

IBPS PO Preparation Strategy

IBPS PO exams are one of the most difficult exams in the country. Students spend endless hours preparing for the exams, taking IBPS PO online mock tests and solving previous year question papers as well. But even then, many students find it difficult to clear the exam. To help you prepare for the exams, here are some tips and tricks, other than IBPS PO online test series,

which can be of benefit:

Remove all the distractions

In order to concentrate better on the exam’s syllabus and to manage the study routine better, remove all distractions from the place of your study. These “distractions” can range from gadgets like phones, laptops, etc. to a window overlooking the road. Anything that distracts you will hamper your study. It can also make you feel stressed as you will not only start worrying about the things that are not right but may also feel bogged down. So, set up a routine of removing all distractions from the study space and you will notice how your productivity increases when you attempt an IBPS PO online mock test.

Study in different spaces

Studying continuously for long hours can lead to boredom. To counter the effects of the same, you can try changing the settings around you. There have been researches that have shown that you tend to retain information more effectively when you study in different locations. So, if you are feeling bored in your room, you can try studying in another room. You can also experiment with lighting as you may find that your mind is suddenly more receptive to what you are studying.


The heading may seem baffling but your breathing plays an important role in your learning. Whenever your mind is filled with thoughts like, “this is difficult,” “I won’t clear the exam,” etc. then practice deep breathing for 1-2 minutes.
*To practice breathing, close your eyes and concentrate of your nose, and breathe in and count till 7.
*Hold your breath for 3-4 seconds and breathe out.

This will help you reboot your system, allowing it to trash all the worries and helping you start studying with a positive mind-set.


Whatever the exam you might be preparing for, breaks are an essential part of studying. After one hour of study, ensure that you stop for 15 minutes and let your mind relax. In these 15 minutes, you can stretch yourself or do a quick workout. The key here is to pause the learning for at least 15 minutes. Studies have shown that learning for long durations can make you lethargic. Studying with intermittent breaks, on the other hand, has shown to increase your learning. What you should keep in mind here is that breaks extend very easily. A 15 minute break can easily extend to a 1 or 2 hour break, disrupting your cycle of study. To avoid this extension of break time, put down a countdown timer and make it a point to get back to study once it is over.

Plan your Day

After you are done studying for the day, make a plan for the coming day. It could be just a general plan to help you get started. You can wake up and do a yoga session for 15 minutes, which can be followed by stretching and breakfast. You can then start studying, followed by breaks in between. You can also set aside time for taking up the IBPS PO online test series that will help you acclimatise with the exam pattern.

Enough of the study tips. Get to preparing for the exam now!