6 habits that can help you excel in IIT-JEE exams

6 habits that can help you excel in IIT-JEE exams

IIT-JEE is believed to be among the toughest exams to crack for students, and that’s down to the huge syllabus and the tough competition. Millions of students take the IIT-JEE exam each year, in hopes of making it to one of the top engineering institutions in the nation, so as to kick-start a shining career in the field of engineering and technology in the future.

However, despite the multitude of applicants, excelling in the IIT-JEE exam is not an impossible aspiration to have. With the right preparation strategy (which includes giving IIT aptitude tests), hard work and faith in oneself, it can be done. Here’s what you can do: –

Create a time table to make time for all subjects

One of the first and foremost things that a lot of IIT JEE toppers have in common is a well-framed study plan or timetable. This helps students with focused preparation for the exams. Ensure that you have an organized plan for preparation, with equal time allotted to each subject at hand.

Stay focused when studying

As per many IIT-JEE toppers, it is not the hours you put into your preparation that matter, but the earnest focus that you paid to the subject matter, in whatever time you studied. So, concentrate well while you are studying, and do away with anything that is distracting your mind.

Assess and improve your weaknesses

If you wish to top IIT-JEE exams, you have to ensure that you are thoroughly prepared to take the exam. This includes finding out what your weak areas are, and working on them. You need to remember that the average marks you fetch or the rank you hold, depend very much on your exam preparation.

Take breaks from time to time

Having a routine does not mean you cannot relax. In fact, a lot of toppers advise against studying for long stretches. You need to take short breaks for re-energizing yourself. This way, you can beat stress and get back to studying with a fresh mind.

Don’t delay your preparation

Another important advice for all future applicants is to begin their exam preparations early on. Don’t wait till the last hour to start studying for the IIT-JEE exam. You will be losing valuable hours, which might cost you time for revisions.

Taking online aptitude tests for IIT

When aiming to give your hundred percent in the IIT-JEE exams, you need to assess yourself from time to time. This is one of the key benefits that online assessments and aptitude tests for JEE Mains and Prelims afford you.
You get to strengthen strong areas, topics that need work, a revision of topics covered, and building up your confidence.

In addition to the above, one other important habit that all IIT aspirants must inculcate is to work hard but in a stress-free manner. Have a positive attitude towards exams, and stay confident, as that will go a long way.