CA CPT Preparation Tips in the Final Days Before the Exam

CA CPT Preparation Tips in the Final Days Before the Exam

CA CPT is short for Chartered Accountant Common Proficiency Test. The exam is an entry-level exam that you take to become a CA in future.

CA is one of the most sought after professions in the country, and thousands of students take the CA exams for achieving their dream of becoming a CA. If you are a CA CPT aspirant, you must know that certain preparation tips go a long way in strengthening your preparation. In fact, there are specific preparation tips for the CA CPT exam that you can follow in the final days before the date of the main exam. Here is a ready list of tips for you to refer to:

  • Make short notes for final revision

There are certain topics that you need to revise a day or two before the exam. Try and make short notes and summaries of those topics. Doing so will save you time, and you won’t have to go through the entire topic again at the time of revision.

You can make short notes of all the important keywords related to theoretical concepts and the formulas for revision later. This is one of the most effective preparation tips that the CA CPT exam aspirants often tend to ignore.

  • Revise

Once you have made your short notes and summaries, start revising them as the exam approaches. This is one of the most essential CA CPT preparation tips that you must follow in the final leg of your preparation. Thorough revision helps you to direct your energy towards enhancing your performance, and is an effective way to go through the important topics once again.

  • Stay relaxed and sleep well

If you get stressed in the last few days before the exam, it might actually hamper your performance on the main exam day. In the final days of the exam, do not panic in case you are not able to recall certain topics. Just believe in yourself and stay motivated. Also, try to sleep well in the days leading up to the main exam.

  • Attempt mock tests to analyze your performance

You can practice CA CPT online tests for exam preparation. After you finish giving a particular test, analyze your performance in that particular test for your mistakes. There are many online assessment portals for students that provide online tests for CA CPT exam preparation.

Additional tip: Do not wait for the final days before the exam to practice the online mock tests. Instead, inculcate the habit of attempting mock tests at a much earlier stage. With the help of online mock tests, you are able to access your preparation level and identify your negatives and positives. Even more importantly, attempt the online tests on a regular basis.

These preparation tips, if followed in a planned manner, will maximize your chances of success in the exam. Doing so will help you avoid any panic, and give the exam to the best of your ability.