How to Go About IIT JEE Exam Preparation

IIT JEE is among the most important examinations in India for students who wish to pursue a career in engineering or technology. However, over the years this examination has risen in popularity, that too with a flipside. Many students are of the view that IIT-JEE examinations are so tough that they are almost impossible to crack.

Millions of students sit to take the IIT-JEE exams each year, but only a few make it to the top engineering colleges in India. However, a more obvious reason behind this seems to be the lack of a proper study plan.

Having a strategy in place before you move forward to tackle a problem helps ensure that the problem is resolved in the most efficient manner. Similarly, formulating a study plan beforehand helps ensures that the purpose is achieved.

Plan well
Studying without a plan is like trying to get somewhere without knowing the path. So, the first and foremost step towards studying for IIT-JEE is developing a study plan. This study plan will act like your to-do list and help achieve your goal within the given time-frame. While you are busy creating a strategy to complete the given syllabus in time, it is important that you set realistic goals. Allot adequate time for each subject, with a little extra time for topics you find tough to tackle. It is also advised that you keep some time at hand for revising all that you study.

Study from the right books
Another big problem that students preparing for IIT-JEE face is what books to study from. We live in an age where not just the market but the internet as well is flooded with books, guides and study materials for IIT aspirants. That being said, getting confused about what to buy and what to leave out is quite natural. Seeking recommendation from your teachers or seniors can prove to be of great help in this direction. One thing that students need to remember is to not refer to too many books; that can make things even more confusing and disrupt the entire study plan.

Time Management
With an expansive syllabus to be covered, time management is an issue that many IIT-JEE aspirants face. In order to successfully manage this, you will need to formulate a daily schedule, keeping in mind the time that you can devote to preparing each subject. It is very important that you stay consistent with your preparation and follow the proposed timetable on a daily basis without fail.

Revise alongside your preparation
Revision is the key to successful preparation, especially for an exam as important as the IIT-JEE. Revisions, by allowing you to practice topics you have covered over the course of time, decrease anxiety and stress, thus making you better prepared for exams.

You can set aside time for revision at the end of every week or two weeks, depending upon your schedule and convenience.

Solve model test papers
In order to find out whether or not you have retained all that you have studied so far, you need to test yourself. Online practice tests for IIT JEE can be of great help in this direction. There are websites that enable you to take online aptitude tests for various competitive and entrance tests, including that of IITJEE, at a time that’s suitable to you. Upon taking such mock tests, you not only gain awareness of your strong and weak points, but also an idea of what taking the actual exam is going to be like.

Apart from the above, it is also important that you eat and sleep well. Remember, you need to stay in your best form both mentally and physically to be able to perform well in the exams, so never ever skip on your essential nutrition and rest.