How to Prepare for Medical Entrance Exam(NEET)?

How to Plan your Preparation for NEET Exam?

NEET is one of the most attempted examinations in the country, with over 10 lakh students competing for nearly 1 lakh seats in different medical and dental colleges across the country. This says volumes about the competition that NEET aspirants have to go through, and how much hard work needs to be put into the medical entrance exam preparation.

As the level of competition in NEET is fairly high, you are needed to prepare well in order to crack the examination and earn a seat in of the top medical colleges in the country. If you haven’t paid enough attention in your Class 11, you must start by referring to the basics. The syllabus for NEET has over 13,000 concepts; a big reason why your preparation for NEET exam needs to be thorough. 13,000 concepts sound like a lot, but if you structure a well-designed study plan, it is very likely that you will be able to cover it all. NEET exam preparation requires you to make a study plan and schedule so that the time and energy you invest in preparation pans out to be productive and efficient.

Here’s a list of tips to help you prepare for NEET:

  • Structure a realistic timetable and stick to it –It is very important to stay focused on your goals. In this case, NEET preparation is your goal. Hence, structure a timetable/schedule accordingly. Following a fixed schedule can help you concentrate more, and stay focused on your goal. Also, you have to finish 2 years of syllabus i.e. 11th and 12th. A well-organized timetable will help you to be efficient with your NEET preparation. Do keep in mind that sticking to the timetable is vital. Although, you can modify it, if the need be.
  • Be through with the basics –It’s crucial to have a basic understanding of all the concepts under the NEET syllabus. It is the best way to begin with the preparation for NEET examination. Once you have gone through all the concepts and are fairly acquainted and well-versed with them, you can figure out the important chapters and concepts and concentrate more on them. You can always refer back to the concepts if you find yourself stuck anywhere.
  • Be regular with your practice –There’s absolutely no alternative to regular practice. It is a must to practice regularly during your preparation for NEET examination; otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to check how thorough you are and where you need to work more.
  • Take Full-Length Mock Tests –Mock tests are the best way to help you with building the needed stamina to give the NEET examination confidently. Taking a mock test will give you a fair idea of where you stand and the areas that you need to pay more attention to. You should take a mock test online, every now and then to be effective in you preparation.
  • Keep revising –Revising regularly cannot be forgotten; you need to get back to revision and continue this on a regular basis even if you have mastered a particular topic, concept, chapter or subject. Revision is extremely crucial for the preparation of NEET examination. You can also refer to the internet to find different revision notes so that you have vast educational material to study from.

Cracking the NEET needs determination, hard work and smart work. Follow these NEET exam tips and tricks to be smart with your preparations; you’ll do well in NEET.