How to Score in Physics for the Upcoming NEET Exam

For students who are preparing for the upcoming NEET exam, knowing how to score in one of the subjects i.e. Physics can be a huge advantage. Students often find Physics a pretty tough section to crack in the exam, or sometimes forget to give it the required attention. But as an NEET exam aspirant, you should know that Physics forms an essential part of the exam, and should be prepared for accordingly.

If you are currently in a dilemma as to how to score in the Physics section, these preparation tips will prove to be useful:

  1. Have clarity of concepts

Refer to your NCERT books for getting a better grasp of the concepts, and only then move onto solving the questions provided at the end of the chapter. That way, you’ll be able to logically identify which concept to apply to which question.

2. Practice questions

To build your accuracy and speed of solving questions, you must attempt practice tests. There are various online assessment portals for students where you can attempt online practice tests in order to practice for an exam-like setting, and enhance your preparation.

After giving a practice test, make sure you analyse your result and see what mistakes you made and which topics need revisiting. Also, learn to manage time by giving practice tests so that you are able to use your exam time in solving the maximum number of questions on the main exam day.

Online practice tests help you strategize for the exam by telling you which areas to focus on first, how much time to give to a particular question, your strong areas where you can score more, and so on.

3. Make notes

When you study a topic in Physics, do not forget to make important notes. The practice of making notes will serve to be extremely advantageous at the time of revision, which is a crucial step in cracking any competitive exam. Plus, no one wants to go through large pieces of texts over and over again as it would only result in time wastage. Having short version of texts, such as notes, is definitely going to help you in your final stages of revision.

4. Revise formulae

As Physics is a subject that has many formulae, there is a distinct possibility that you might not be able to recall some of them when needed. That is why their revision is recommended from time to time so that you are able to retain them in your memory, and not forget them on the main day of the exam. Another useful way of remembering the formulae is to write them on a piece of paper and sticking it to a wall of the room where you study. Seeing them in front of you every day will definitely help you to recall them on the main exam day.

5. Resolve your doubts

During your preparation for the upcoming NEET exam, you are bound to have doubts especially for the Physics section. This is where you should seek the help of teachers, or friends who are preparing for the same exam. Doing so will help you to resolve your doubts and give you a crystal clear understanding of the topics at hand.

These preparation tips, especially the one recommending online aptitude tests, will go a long way to help you increase your score in the Physics section within the upcoming NEET exam. You must always remember that smart work is equally important as hard work, and these tips will help you in preparing smartly for the exam.