Study Plan to Crack JEE Mains in One Year

Almost every IIT aspirant hears the following advices; “Stay focused”, “Solve JEE main practice papers”, “Stop watching TV and avoid social media” etc. While these suggestions are nice and will probably help you study, these tips do not guarantee that you will help you pass the exams. And the truth is that no one knows the exact method of cracking the JEE main papers. This makes preparing for JEE Mains in one year a tough prospect.But with a solid plan, you can do it. From taking the mock online test series for JEE mains to subject-wise suggestions, here are the tips that will help you prepare for JEE mains in a year.

The Initial Steps

  • The first thing you need to do before you start preparing for JEE Mains is to create a practical study plan to get the desired score or rank.
  • When you start solving JEE main practice paper, you will notice that majority of them contain numerical problems. So, it is better that you don’t ignore them. You are most likely to meet the cut-off if you are good at solving numerical problems in physics, chemistry and maths.
  • Keep track of your problem solving speed. Practising mock papers or taking mockonline test series of JEE mains till you go for the actual exam will help you develop a knack for identifying the type of problem by just looking at it.
  • Don’t forget to indulge in relaxing activities. This could be an hour playing outside or watching TV or a quick gym session. These recreational activities will help you refresh and recharge for the next study session.

Subject-Wise Tips

When it comes tostudy, everyone has a different grasping power. That said, one year issufficient time to finish the syllabus. In fact, you can do it in 5 to 6months, leaving you with enough time to solve JEE mains practice paper andtaking mock online test series for JEE mains. You can also utilize the time torevise the concepts and formulae that you find difficult. But when you revise,pick up two easy topics with one difficult topic. This approach will help youreduce burden and effort. Here are a few other points to keep in mind for eachsubject.

  • Physics

The Physics paper mainly comprises of Mechanics and Electromagnetism. For the mechanics part of the paper, do not stick to the mainstream questions; try different types of questions. Electromagnetism, on the other hand, has lots of concepts and formulas which are one of the most difficult parts of the syllabus. So, the physics paper requires you to strengthen your knowledge of theories and formulas. Remember that Heat and Thermodynamics are numerical based on basic laws, so don’t dig deep too into the topic and concepts.

  • Chemistry

The Physical Chemistry part of the paper has questions that are more typical than those of Applied Chemistry. You will notice this when you take mock online test series for JEE mains. This section gives you the most scoring opportunity, so learn it thoroughly. The Inorganic Chemistry part of the paper on the other hand has both applied as well as typical questions. This can make preparing for it a time-consuming process. Organic Chemistry covers almost 40 per cent of the paper, and most questions are applied and based on series of reactions. So, if you get the concept right, it becomes the easiest subject to prepare.

  • Mathematics

Almost 80 per cent of the Mathematics paper’s algebra portion comprises of complex numbers, permutation combination, and probability. Keep in mind that these questions are relatively easy scoring. Questions on Vector and 3D are a bit lengthy. But if you solve them correctly, you would have conquered about 30 per cent of the weightage. Calculus, on the other hand, has no particular trend when it comes to questions that appear in paper. This leaves with no option but to practice a lot, and solve a large number of JEE main practice papers.

Remember that mugging up or rote learning is not going to help you prepare for JEE Mains. You need to understand what you are studying, and apply the same during the exam to excel in it. So, keep your perspective clear, and your preparation taut and well-planned.