The 2-Month Preparation Strategy for CBSE Class 10th Pre-Board Exams

Standard 10th is not only the busiest but also one of the most important years of one’s academic life. As the year of the board exams, this year is different, something that you will be able to tell right from the start. Taking the board exams for the first time can be stressful, especially since you have no idea about it and all your academic life you have been told that doing well in these exams is important.

To help students get a fair idea of what the board exams are like and also to check out as to how well they are prepared for the same, schools hold a pre-board examination for Class 10th students. You could say that pre-boards are like the final rehearsal before the main act, and in order to do really well in the finals, you have to take the rehearsals seriously. In the current climate, online aptitude tests play a crucial role in one’s preparation.

To guide you along this path and make things a little clearer for you, here are a few tips on how you must prepare yourself for pre-boards if you only have 2 months left.

Begin now, if you haven’t already

If you haven’t already gotten yourself busy preparing for your upcoming Board exams, now would be a good time to start. You may have been taking notes and attending classes so far, but now you need to gear up with renewed vigor and seriousness for your pre-board exams first, and then finally the Boards.

Prepare a plan first

One cannot hope to win a battle without a strategy. The same goes for your examinations. To fare well, you need to have daily, weekly and even monthly study plans. You need to set specific targets that you need achieved over a particular time limit. This way, you will not only have covered your entire syllabus, but also have time left for revisions.

Set a practical plan

One mistake that students tend to make that eventually messes up their whole plan, is setting goals that are practically unachievable, be it due to less time at hand or for some other reason(s). So when you begin planning your schedule, make sure that you have specific targets. Breaking down the syllabus or rather segregating it in small chunks will make it easier for you to prepare for your pre-boards.

Prefer NCERT books

Referring to several books for help with respect to a particular subject can get highly confusing. This is why as a part of your study plan, you need to fall back upon books that are prescribed by the Board. For CBSE students, the NCERT books are the most dependable ones.

Take mock tests

Courtesy of modern times, students can now find model test papers and mock tests online for CBSE class 10th. You can refer to websites that conduct aptitude tests for various exams. This will help you with both your speed and accuracy, thus allowing you to stay better prepared to take your exams.

Start with the revisions

If you have already covered most of the syllabus and are unsure as to how prepared you are, you better get on with the revisions. When revising, you do not only gain an understanding of what your strong and weak points are, but also remember to study the subject matter again.

Take care of your health

When you are preparing busily for such an important set of exams, you do not want to be bogged down by ill health or weakness. Alongside studying, you also need to eat and sleep well to ensure that you are in your best form for the Boards.

In the end, it is always important to stay confident. If you prepare right, you’ll certainly perform well!