Tips for Preparing For Class 12 Board Exams

The CBSE 12th boards are one of the most important exams for everyone. The period prior to the board exams remains hectic for students. In a bid to secure good marks, you need to start preparing a good few months, at the very least, before the exam begins. If you are among those students who will be taking the class 12th board exams this year, follow these tips which will help you along the way:

Focus On Every Subject
If you want to score good marks in your 12th board exams, you need to learn all the subjects. You can’t focus just on your favourite subjects and leave the rest because of a lack of interest in them. As you need to clear each and every subject, you need to treat all subjects with the same importance. You can also attempt online tests for class 12 that are available on many sites; these tests can make a lot of difference in your preparation.

Knowledge of the Syllabus
You need to be aware of the complete syllabus before you start your preparation for the exams. Know the syllabus as well as the weightage that each section carries. You can then begin your preparation from the topics that carry the maximum marks, and get a good grip on the topics. If you find a topic difficult to focus on, then leave it for later but not for the last moment. Give more time to chapters that carry more weightage.

SWOT Analysis
Find the subjects or topics that you are good in and have a clear understanding of. Know the subjects or topics that you are weak in and try to focus on them instead if leaving them unattended. A SWOT analysis will help you plan your studies accordingly.

Study Material
Ensure that you have all the essential study material for every subject before you beginning your preparation. At the same time, also take care that you don’t end up with too many books that confuse you. NCERT books should form the basis of your preparation. You can use other reference books for concepts that you find difficult to understand.

Take Mock Tests
You can understand and learn each subject very well, but no matter how much you might have studied your mind will retain only some of it. It is a known fact that student remember more when they write compared to reading. Thus, it is vital that you take mock CBSE online tests for class 12. These mock online tests for class 12 will help your find how much information you have retained.

Solve Previous Years Question Papers
After you are done with studying and have covered all the important topics, you can proceed to solve the previous year question papers. This will help you have an edge in your preparation apart from the mock CBSE online tests for class 12 you will attempt. Furthermore, it is advisable that you solve as many question papers as possible from the past. This will give you a thorough understanding of the subjects and the types of question you can expect.

Remember, clear all the concepts well before the exams. The abovementioned tips will surely help you score good marks. But just keep one thing in mind – don’t rely on cramming topics. Study and practice thoroughly instead to have a clear understanding of the basics.