Tips Suggested by Toppers for JEE

Tips Suggested by Toppers for JEE

JEE, short for ‘Joint Entrance Examination’, is an entrance exam conducted to get admission in different engineering colleges of the country. Bifurcated into JEE Main and JEE Advanced, the exams follow an objective pattern. JEE Advanced is said to be one of them most challenging undergraduate entrance exams worldwide.

The JEE Main is for getting an admission in IIITs, NITs, and CFTIs, whereas the JEE Advanced is for getting an admission into IITs. Students who clear JEE Main are the only ones eligible to appear in JEE Advance.

If you are preparing for the JEE exam, then you must give online JEE mock tests available on online portals for competitive exam preparation. By giving these tests, you are able to analyze your mistakes and work on them. You can also follow some tips to maximize your chances of cracking the JEE entrance exams.

Here are certain tips suggested by toppers that will definitely work in your favor:

  • Learn how to analyze your mock tests

Try a different way of analyzing the mock tests you attempt at the time of your preparation. Take two pieces of paper and write silly mistakes on one side and conceptual mistakes on the other. Stick the two pieces of paper in front of you so that you can look at them every day, and make an effort to eliminate them during the course of your preparation. Once you start working on these mistakes you will see them getting vanished as you keep on giving further tests.

  • Perseverance

Perseverance is the key to cracking any exam. For instance, if you gave a mock aptitude test for JEE Mains and you know you are not going to score in it, do not lament over it or waste your precious time. What you should do is analyze what went wrong. Identify the hiccups you’ve faced and get back to your preparation. Having the quality of perseverance is important in your exam preparation, be it the JEE Advanced or JEE Mains.

  • Believe in healthy competition

The only person that you should be competing is with yourself. Try to improve the mistakes you made in you previous JEE main or advanced online mock tests, and focus on becoming better in your preparation.

You can also have group studies where you can teach a topic (that you are really good at) to a friend, and he/she could teach you a topic in return. You can always approach your peers to get a doubt solved, or learn a concept that you are not able to understand that well.

  • Revise

Revision is a part which many JEE exam aspirants pay the least attention to. Aspirants seem to think that revision should also be started after the completion of the entire syllabus but this is where they are wrong. Even during your preparation, you must keep on revising the concepts and formulae you have learnt so far. Hence, keep on learning from JEE mains and advanced study material, and keep on revising the concepts so that you are able to recall them at the time of the exam.

These tips will go a long way in helping you achieve success in your exams, and get you closer to your dream of studying in some of the best engineering colleges of the country.