Useful Tips To Crack the CA CPT Exam

CPT online test preparation

CPT, short for Common Proficiency Test,is also known as CA-CPT.It is an entry-level examination conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. The examination is carried out for an admission in the Charted Accountancy course.

Because ICAI wants to know the ability of the CA aspirant in terms of different aspects, namely basic knowledge, expert knowledge, and working knowledge, the exam comprises of a variety of subjects. And due to these pre-requisites, CA aspirants need to perform well in order to showcase their capabilities in the CA stream.

As the level of the exam is high, CAaspirants can certainly do with tips that help conquer the exam. So here goes:-

  • In thebeginning

First select a subject that interests you the most, and start with a quick reading of it. Then, try to know the concepts and definitions in that subject by carefully understanding them. Also, make sure you do this by making notes, which you can easily revise at a later stage.

  • Revise

Revision is highly crucial in an exam like CA CPT. Because of the fact that we only remember 20-30% of what we studied in the previous 24 hours, you need to do quick sessions of revision, numerous times in order to remember the majority of things at the time of the actual examination. 

  • Practice

After thereading, learning, and revision, you can move onto a more important aspect -practicing mock tests in order to further enhance your confidence.

Do an online test preparation for theCPTexam. Plus, you can also givemock tests online Aptitude Test tocheck your concepts in Mathematics and statistics.

By attempting these mock tests, you will gain clarity on your preparation so far.At the same time, you will have clarity on the areas you need to pay the most attention to. Moreover, by giving the mock tests, you will become habitual of an exam-like setting, a thing that will help you immensely on your test day.

  • Study groups

Study groups can serve to be highly beneficial in your preparation for the CA CPT exam. By creating a study group, you will be able to discuss certain queries, and doing so will help you get a better understanding of the different subjects in the course. At times, study groups can really help you get an overview of a topic just by listening to a particular study group discussion.

These tips help in increasing the chancesof you cracking the exam. However, know that these tips will only come in handywhen you do the required hard and smart work in the preparation of the exam.Plus, do not forget to do your preparation with CPT online tests, as doing that willgo a long way in cracking the exam.