What Not to do When Preparing for IITJEE

What Not to do When Preparing for IITJEE

IITJEE is recognized among the most prestigious examinations for entrance into undergraduate courses for engineering and technology. While there are various popular notions about this examination, one thing that is definitely true about it is that clearing it can take the B.Tech aspirants a step closer to their dreams.

IITJEE consists of two levels – JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. Students need to clear the Mains level test in order to be allowed to appear for the Advanced level, and only those who have cleared the Advanced with top marks can hope to make it to one of the IITs and NITs in the nation.

With the number of applicants taking this test each year, ranging in millions, it won’t be wrong to say that the competition is cut-throat. That being said, there is often a lot of confusion and anxiety involved in the preparation for IITJEE among students.

Amongst all the perplexity, students often end up taking steps that mar their chances of doing well in the exams. If you are someone preparing to take these tests as well, here are some common mistakes that you need to avoid: –

  • Showing disinterest in lectures

When in high school, bunking or staying disinterested in lectures is common for students. However, what you need to understand is that if you plan on taking the IITJEE, doing the above is a big mistake. Class lectures are meant to help build your base for the exam as well as help revise the concepts that you have already studied. Even if you have decided to self-study or are depending on some coaching institutions for help, staying focused in class is going to help you immensely with your preparations.

  • Overlooking basic or conceptual doubts

IITJEE tests are concept and application based that need students to have a thorough understanding of concept and their implementation. Hence ignoring the confusions and troubles you have regarding concepts or theories could cost you greatly in the exams. It is therefore important that you list down all your doubts and problematic topics and get help for the same.

  • Not following the set routine

IITJEE preparations demand a well-organized time routine that you need to stick to. Irregularities or flaws in this routine can significantly affect your performance, and hence the outcome. Therefore, you need to come up with a study routine that allows you to cover all the subjects, pay extra attention to the weaker ones and still have enough time to revise.

  • Trying to cram every book available

In an attempt to prepare themselves well for the exams, students often refer to a variety of books, test papers and coursework. Trying to get through the syllabus while jumping from one book to another will only mess up your preparations and leave you confused. Hence, do some research and find out study material for IITJEE that works best for you.

  • Ignoring one’s health

This is something that a lot of students knowingly or unknowingly do. Staying in your best shape, both physically and mentally, is vital for your exams. So eat well and do not compromise on your sleep. Avoid pulling all-nighters and remember to take short breaks in between studies from time to time.

Apart from all that is mentioned above, having self-doubt or trying to learn by rote method are a few other mistakes that students tend to commit in this scenario. Do not give in to negative thoughts. Have faith in your abilities and do not take the exam under any pressure. Take online aptitude test to assess yourself during preparation can help you with that to a large extent.