What you Should Know About Taking JEE Advanced Test Online

What you Should Know About Taking JEE Advanced Test Online

Cracking JEE Main exams is essential for all aspirants to secure admission into one of the top engineering institutes across the nation, like IITs or NIITs. For students to become a part of top ranking IITs, they will further need exam scores which are more than the cut-off score.

Initially, the JEE Advanced exam pattern included two offline papers covering Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry, the exams for which were conducted on the same day. However, in 2018, the Joint Admission Board announced that JEE Advanced exams would be conducted online.

The objective behind this transition was to support the consumption of education through digital modes. If you are a JEE aspirant wondering as to how you should go about the JEE advanced online test, here is a guide to help you out.

Benefits of taking JEE advanced test online

There are various benefits that this new arrangement will bring to the students, the prime ones being: –

  • Time-saving – JEE Advanced online test eliminates the need to encircle answers in an OMR sheet. The new online mode is, therefore, easier and quicker. You can utilize the time you save to decide better and answer questions more efficiently.
  • Answer modification – The online mode of examination also allows students to go back and edit an answer, if they feel the need. This is a major step forward from the offline mode and serves as a big advantage for the students.
  • Better reviewing options – Initially, candidates needed to sieve through questions to get to the left-out ones that they needed more time for answering. The JEE advanced test online comes with an answer panel that has all the questions, both attended and marked for reviewing later.

Tips for doing well in JEE advanced test online

For someone who has never taken any online exam before, appearing directly for the JEE advanced test online can lead to anxiety and confusion. Mentioned below are some important tips to help you with your preparation for JEE Advanced test online:

  • Practice on an online portal for competitive exam preparation – There are various websites online that offers practice test papers for students appearing for JEE exams. So, select a recognized portal with accurate and quality content on it. Solving practice test papers will give you an idea of what to expect in the final exam. At the same time, you will also get a good idea of what your strong and weak areas are.
  • Learn managing your time well – The online mode of exam might be new to you. However, with enough practice, you will get better acquainted with how to go about it. Plan out the total test time in a manner that leaves you with some time for revision as well.
  • Work on your speed – You also need to work on your speed to do well in the JEE Advanced exam. You must, however, be careful not to overlook questions in the process. Haste could lead to mistakes which would, in turn, lead to negative marking.
  • Pay attention to technical aspects – If you are taking an online exam for the first time, you need to be aware of certain technical aspects of it. Some of the basic yet significant ones include saving the sheet after you have answered it and submitting the same only when you have answered all the questions and reviewed them too.

If you come across any technical issue during the exam, immediately inform your invigilator about it. You will be given extra time in case the issue is a time-consuming one. In the end, remember to not panic. Other than the basic things, there isn’t much of a difference between the online and offline modes of JEE Advanced exam. So, stay focused and do well.