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Class XI is an entirely new world. You have chosen to study the subjects you are studying now and the number of subjects is also few. You need to adopt a new method to prepare for the upcoming board examinations in class XII. CBSE online test for class 11 Science does not only help you attain success in class, rather it gets you ready for the entrance exams that are imminent. Please note that this package of CBSE online test for class 11 Science includes Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics.

Why should you purchase CBSE online test for class 11 Science?

Once you’ve chosen your stream, all the new subjects and concepts get introduced to you. For in-depth knowledge of all the subjects and to face new and diverse topics of greater difficulty levels, you need to practice them multiple times by taking the CBSE online test for class 11 Science. One of the reasons why students take class 11 so lightly is that they are so overwhelmed by their previous achievements that it makes them overconfident. As you leave class 10, you should celebrate and be happy with your performance but do wake up in time and work hard so that the celebration continues lifelong.

Features of CBSE online test for class 11 Science

Features of CBSE online tests for class 11:

  • Vast Question Bank
  • Accessible Anytime
  • Cost Effective
  • Gives Flexibility
  • Provides Faster Result
  • CBSE online tests for class 11 for better preparation

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Course Outline:

    There are three categories of the test:
  • WARM UP: The 10 questions of WARM UP will juggle your memory regarding the chapter and get you started and all ready for the next level, which is called PREPARE.
  • PREPARE: The 25 questions of PREPARE test your perception and grasp over the chapter.
  • CHALLENGE: The next level, CHALLENGE, has 40 questions.

  • Whereas WARM UP and PREPARE are created for all chapters, each CHALLENGE section, designed like a term or unit test, has several chapters clubbed under it. You have the option of choosing the chapters from which you would like to create your own CHALLENGE test. You can choose the time and place you want to take these tests as well.

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