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Class 6 is a crucial grade in secondary school education, which is why learning with effective preparation is necessary. To help your kid tackle the syllabus for Class 6, we have in-depth study material that includes video lessons, revision notes, question banks as well as CBSE online tests for Class 6. The study material is prepared by subject experts who have years of experience in the academic field. Our study material will give students clear understanding of each subject and every concept in detail.

Is this CBSE test series for Class 6 effective?

Students referring to our study material have noted an increase in their overall marks, along with an increased level of ease in understanding the subjects, regardless of the class. In fact, our study materials are not only used by students but also a number of educational institutes across India.
MBD Scorewell’s study material comprises CBSE online tests for Class 6, which students can attempt for better comprehension, understanding and application of concepts that are a part of the syllabus. The class 6 study material package from MBD Scorewell will include tests for all subjects except foreign languages and Sanskrit. Here are the features of MBD Scorewell’s study material for Class 6:

Features of Online CBSE Test Series for Class 6:

  • Vast Question Bank
  • Accessible Anytime
  • Cost Effective
  • Gives Flexibility
  • Provides Faster Result
  • Online CBSE Test Series for Class 6 for better preparation

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Course Outline:

    Our online CBSE test series for Class 6 will have three categories:
  • WARM UP: The 10 questions of WARM UP will juggle your memory about the chapter and get you ready for the next level, which is called PREPARE.
  • PREPARE: The 25 questions of PREPARE test your perception and grasp over the chapter.
  • CHALLENGE: The next level, CHALLENGE, has 40 questions.
  • Whereas the two previous categories can be found for each chapter, each CHALLENGE test has several chapters clubbed under it. It is designed like a term or unit test. You have the option of choosing the chapters from which you would like to create your own CHALLENGE test. You can choose the time and place you want to take these tests as well.

    The all-encompassing nature of our online CBSE test series for Class 6 will help students prepare thoroughly and exhaustively for their class 6 exams.
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