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SCOREWELL VII comprises CBSE online test for class 7 students that they may take for better comprehension, grasping and application of concepts included in the syllabus of class 7. Students can step through the test for reference, practice and time-management skills in order to get ready effectively and perform well in the examination. The inquiries in the test have been set up so that students can test what they have learned. The package of CBSE online test for class 7 students is available for all the subjects but does not include tests on foreign languages and Sanskrit. The online test for class 7 students incorporates all the important questions from the examination perspective and recommended for class 7 students in the CBSE board. This online test is useful, as it assists students in knowing the different kinds of questions, marking scheme, difficulty level and much more, which give students a chance to complete the test within the time allotted to each question. Moreover, the online test for class 7 allows the students to check the answer sheet so that they can analyze correct and incorrect answers giving them an idea about the topics on which they need to work harder.

How the CBSE online test series is effective for students?

Students using our online test series have witnessed an increase in the overall marks. Our online test for class 7 helps students improve their exam-readiness through some of the best features

Features of CBSE online tests for class 7:

  • Vast Question Bank
  • Accessible Anytime
  • Cost Effective
  • Gives Flexibility
  • Provides Faster Result
  • CBSE online tests for class 7 for better preparation

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Course Outline:

    There are three categories of CBSE online test for class 7 for each chapter:
  • WARM UP: The 10 questions of WARM UP will juggle your memory regarding the chapter and get you started and all ready for the next level, which is called PREPARE.
  • PREPARE: The 25 questions of PREPARE test your perception and grasp over the chapter.
  • CHALLENGE: The next level, CHALLENGE, has 40 questions.
  • Whereas WARM UP and PREPARE are created for all chapters, each CHALLENGE section, designed like a term or unit test, has several chapters clubbed under it. You have the option of choosing the chapters from which you would like to create your own CHALLENGE test. You can choose the time and place you want to take these tests as well.

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