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IIT JEE or JEE advanced (as it is called now) is one of the most difficult entrance exams in India to get admission in the top engineering colleges. According to the statistics, every year 12 lakh students appear for JEE Main but only around 2 lakh studentss get selected for JEE Advanced. To crack the IIT JEE exam you need the best study material for IIT JEE. A well-structured study schedule along with the online test series for JEE Mains is a must follow strategy for every IIT JEE aspirants. Pull up your socks and start preparing for the exam with the best JEE Main study material and JEE Advanced study material.

The name of IIT JEE creates a huge buzz among the students. All it needs is the right direction, JEE Main test series, and JEE Advanced study material. Here we offer the best study material for IIT JEE to assure success in the exam for the aspirants who often get worried about the examination and its preparation. The online test series for JEE Mains along with the JEE advanced study material ensures that the concepts are briefly discussed for a good understanding.

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Hard work and planned work are the two different things that decide the performance of a student in a competitive exam. Sometimes hard work for several months and years doesn’t yield the desired results. Planned work is needed in order to crack a competitive exam. With MBD Scorewell JEE Main study material and JEE Main test series aspirants can easily plan their studies and focus on their weak points. Preparing with the online test series for JEE Mains is a good option and the need for competition. Get access to a collection of a varied number of questions and concepts at a single platform.


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    This two-year-long module is formulated for aspirants aiming to clear IIT JEE. It is prepared in a manner that the aspirants will be able to attempt tests unit-wise. Besides, they can also opt for tests that are based on the combination of several units. Numerous online tests have been designed to facilitate sufficient practice sessions for the aspirants so that they are able to identify their positive and negative points. This full-fledged and advance planning and practice will ensure that you are well prepared for the D-Day!


JEE (Main) Syllabus for Paper 1

  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry

JEE (Main) Syllabus for Paper 2

  • Aptitude Test Syllabus

Let's take a look at the CBSE-recommended syllabus for the Joint Entrance Examination (Main).

Detailed syllabus for JEE Main 2018

The official JEE information bulletin is released on the CBSE website every year. The extensive syllabus for the upcoming JEE Main can be checked in the prospectus issued on the CBSE website. The aspirants can, however, take a look at the curriculum that we have compiled according to the prospectus released last year. Not too many changes are expected in the same.

The aspirants should keep in mind that the curriculum consists of vital topics that are included in several national-level and state-level boards. It comprises topics that students have studied in Grades 11 and 12. The aspirants should also take into consideration the streams they study during Classes 11 and 12. Those who wish to opt for JEE Mains should opt for subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics at the senior secondary level.

JEE (Main + Advanced) syllabus

The curriculum for JEE Advanced is almost the same as that of JEE Mains. The only distinguishable factor that should be taken into consideration is the distribution of topics in the paper scheme. The aspirants can check the curriculum of JEE (Main + Advanced) provided here for referral purposes. The aspirants must have a good grip on the basics of each subject and they should solve as many exercises as possible to be able to get the hang of each topic. The Mathematics and Physics sections generally consist of calculation-based problems. In addition to NCERT books, the aspirants should refer to previous years' JEE papers to be able to have better clarity regarding the actual exam.

JEE Main Syllabus 2018 - Class 11th and 12th

A topic wise break up for class 11 and 12 topics for the syllabus of JEE Main is given below.

Class 11 topics for JEE Main 2018 syllabus

Physics Chemistry Mathematics
Unit, dimension, measurement Periodic table and properties Logarithms and related expressions
Kinematics Mole concept Compound angles
Newtons laws of motion Nomenclature of organic compounds Quadratic equations and expressions
Circular motion Chemical bonding Sequence and progression
Work, power, energy Gaseous state Trignometric functions,equations,inequations
Momentum and collision Electronic displacement effect Solutions of triangle
Centre of mass and Inertia Atomic structure Straight line and pair of lines
Rotational dynamics Isomerism Circles
Elasticity, Calorimetry, Thermal expansion Redox and equivalent concepts Permutation and combination
Ktg and thermodynamics Chemical and ionic equilibrium Binomial Theorem
Simple Harmonic Motion Chemical kinetics Sets, relations, functions
Mechanical Waves Nuclear chemistry (radioactivity) Mathematical induction and reasoning
Fluid Mechanics

Class 12 topics for JEE Main 2018 syllabus

Physics Chemistry Mathematics
Geometrical Optics Halogen Derivative Limit, Continuity, Derivability
Wave Optics Co-ordination Compounds Method of differentiation
Electrostatics Aliphatic Hydrocarbons Indefinite Integral
Gravitation Aromatic Hydrocarbons Definite Integral
Current Electricity Liquid Solution & Surface Chemistry Application of Derivatives
Capacitance Metallurgy Determinant & Matrices
Magnetic Effect of Current & Magnetism Alcohol & Ether Vectors
Electromagnetic Induction & AC Phenol 3-dimensional geometry
Nuclear physics and radioactivity Solid State Probability
Dual nature of matter and radiation Qualitative Analysis Differential Equation
Electronic devices Carbonyl compounds Area under curve
Communication systems s, p, d & f block elements Parabola, Ellipse, Hyperbola
Errors in Measurements & Instruments Thermodynamics & Thermochemistry Complex Number
Electrochemistry Statistics
Carboxylic acids & its derivative
Practical Organic Chemistry

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S. No. Description Day, Date and Time
1 JEE (Main) 2019 April 2019
2 JEE (Advanced) 2019 May/June 2019
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