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1. What is the purpose of tests?

Tests are nothing but evaluation mechanisms. They assess student's preparedness for exams and also predict one's likelihood of achieving success. As the saying goes, 'Practice makes a man perfect'. And taking multiple mock tests before one appears on the actual test, increases the chance and degree of success exponentially. Tests also diagnostically predict students' likelihood of success in a particular exam thereby directing them towards their area of expertise.

2. How are online practice tests useful when actual tests are paper- and pencil-based?

While this is a genuine concern, the online format of tests is useful while practising because it affords students the independence to take as many tests as they want. Besides, online tests are evaluated instantly and do not require the presence of a parent or teacher for evaluation. This is helpful as the students don't have to go through embarrassment when their performance is not up to the mark. The feedback can be shared with an elder who may help with a plan of action based on one's areas of strength and weakness.

3. How can MCQs help me prepare for tests that require descriptive answers?

Indeed, that's a valid question. You are expected to write long answers in your exams. So how would a bunch of online tests be of any help to you?

Here's how:

The MCQs or objective type questions have been created in such a manner that you would need to have complete understanding of the chapter in order to clear SCOREWELL online tests. Your analytical and application skills are tested and augmented by this package of online tests. So you see, you're actually killing two birds with one stone when you prepare with SCOREWELL.

4. Why should I choose SCOREWELL?

SCOREWELL has been developed with inputs from experts in this field and that is what makes SCOREWELL a front runner in this segment. Our skill and expertise in understanding evaluation tools from the point of view of students, teachers and parents makes it most suited for assorted users. We have created a repository of questions and answers, which helps students in their preparation. Not just that, we identify the areas where you need to put in more work and help you master them. We make learning an enjoyable experience as well. Because we know you do best what you enjoy doing. Isn't that awesome!

5. I have my school teachers, home tutor and parents to help me. Why would I need SCOREWELL?

SCOREWELL does not aim to take the place of your teachers, home tutor or parents. The idea behind creating SCOREWELL is to assist them in their endeavour of seeing you successful. As specialists in creating assessments and tests, we look forward to lessening the burden of your parents and teachers so that they can concentrate on helping you without having to spend time for creating tests and then evaluating them once you are done.

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