Scorewell - Making a difference to how school students learn

Scorewell has been designed for students of classes 6 to 12 aiming to aid and assist teachers and parents as they mentor students into better understanding and comprehension of their course curriculum. Assessments and feedback at regular intervals help generate a roadmap highlighting areas of strengths and weaknesses for every student.

Scorewell boosts the learning capabilities of students; it activates their inherent ability to analyse and apply, which makes for robust learning. These modules are specially curated by our experts for various complexity levels all the while keeping in sight the latest discoveries and innovative techniques of teaching and learning such that students evolve into well-rounded individuals.

  1. SCOREWELL (VI to XII) is a smart tool for students, school teachers, private tutors and parents.
  2. Parents may give their child an online test to complete. Scorewell will then evaluate the test, identifying the areas where the child would need to put in more work.
  3. Scorewell also rates how exam-ready a child is in each subject thereby generating a SWOT analysis, which would help improve a childís grades.

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